February 7, 2014

Help me win my dream come true!

Friends! I need your help to win a handmade wedding band session so Pete and I can make our wedding rings from scratch with a local Seattle jeweler!

Please click here and LIKE our photo on Facebook! I will forever owe you a million kisses and champagne bubbles.


June 25, 2012


the url of this blog is changing! 
may i ask you to please bookmark this link so that we can keep in touch?
stuffyoulllove.com will now exclusively point to our etsy shop!

see you soon ..... same time, same place (just a new name, TBD)

thanks friends! xo

June 18, 2012

next stop: punk rock flea market

we had so much fun as part of I Heart Rummage's fabulous handmade crew at this year's Fremont Solstice! thanks to all that stopped by our booth and checked out our goods...we're back in the studio today creating an entire new batch of fun and unique silkscreened stuff, because next weekend we're back at it:

celebrating our 1-year anniversary on the Seattle handmade circuit with an appearance at this year's Punk Rock Flea Market! (last year this was our debut onto the scene - cant wait to be back!)

June 13, 2012

life, lately

please excuse the temporary hiatus - we've been engagement-photoshooting (sneak peak above) and prepping for the Fremont Solstice Fair! if you are a Seattle local - stop by our booth inside the covered garage...this weekend looks to be full of sunshine and fun and we'll be debuting new silkscreened posters and stuffed animal creatures.

our engagement photos were taken by the amazingly talented Rachel Sumner and I promise to share the full set of images in a few weeks!

May 24, 2012

Garden Update: Seedlings!

I'm happy to report that with a little Seattle rain and sunshine (usually both in the same day), our little seeds have sprouted and our plants have come to life! Check out that little nub of broccoli - I can't wait to eat you! I'll let the photos and captions speak for themselves....

strawberry blossoms opened up after a little morning sunshower!

lettuce! although the birds keep pecking at it, still going strong.

formerly a handful of basil seeds tossed in the ground....

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